Alcatel Battery

Alcatel 1 Battery

Alcatel 1 Battery

₹ 599 ₹ 1,299

Alcatel One Touch M'Pop Battery
Alcatel One Touch Pop 3 Battery
Alcatel One Touch Pop C5 Battery
Alcatel Pixi4 5045T Battery

Alcatel Pixi4 5045T Battery

₹ 899 ₹ 1,499

Alcatel Pop 4 Plus Battery

Alcatel Pop 4 Plus Battery

₹ 999 ₹ 1,499

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Buy online mobile batteries from at Lowest price. All brands battery are available so never run out of power. Alcatel brand batteries are available. Removable and Non-removable both batteries are available .

Mobile Battery Design by Jaxtakart Battery Design

This battery specially design for your mobile. The battery is lightweight, ultra slim, same size and perfectly corner to corner fits your Alcatel mobile. The design of the battery is better than your old battery and provides stronger battery backup. If you are looking to replace your old battery, don’t worry be confident and purchase new the battery.

Battery Life

This Battery gives easily one day back up. So, Now you can enjoy movies, games, music for a while. This battery gives battery life than your Alcatel  battery. The battery has a combined microchip that stop overcharging and expand Alcatel battery life, latest Lithium ion Alcatel battery system.

Mobile Battery Life by Jaxtakart
Battery Charging Time by Jaxtakart Battery Charging Time

Battery normal charging time is 6 to 8 hours. It’s better to switch of your mobile before charge your Alcatel mobile. The battery definitely take less time to charge. Never use bad charger or discontentment charging that can damage the Alcatel battery.

Battery Performance

You can get highest performance if you run your mobile in power saving mode, reduce your display brightness. This battery provides same capacity and better performance. This Alcatel battery works with double protection, double IC, printed circuit board and protect from discharge, overheating and short circuit.

Mobile Battery Performance by jaxtakart

Battery Description

Long backup with smooth performance on your Alcatel mobile. Battery Feels like the original. Easy to charge and easy to use. Easy charging system. Battery can be used with any battery charger and gives smooth talk and long backup on your Alcatel mobile. Easy to remove from your mobile and easy to attach the battery to your mobile.

Key Features

Compact design, High in quality and stable and performance, Long power backup, Provides good talk and standby time performance, Light weight, As it is a lithium ion battery, it can be easily recharged, Stay in touch longer by getting battery power with a Lithium-ion battery, Optimum performance, Good and safe performance under numbers of test and measurement, So now you can enjoy uninterrupted calling, surfing and more on your Alcatel smartphone.

Battery Elements

Choose compound Li-on chip, safe and reliable. Adopting the imported LI-on cell or polymer LI-on cells which are safe and have stable performance, high capability and long standby time .Choose super compound plastic material for shell with UV rub-resistance treatment. Battery can use with any battery charger. Multiple guard against falls ,convenient for quality tracing. No contain the insurant such as hydrargyrum, lead and cadmium, according with the environmental requirement. Perfectly fit to your Alcatel mobile and get optimum result.

How to use the battery

Do not disassemble Alcatel battery from your mobile. Avoid being worked in the high temperature above 45°C ,exploding may be invited by disposing the battery in Fire. Do not wet or damp the battery. Avoid being pressed or fallen high. Not put it together with metal like key or coin to prevent short circuit. Not good charger will damage the battery of your mobile.

User Guide

Charge the battery for at least 12 hours before using it for first time. Please use original charger or professional battery charger. Don’t place your Alcatel battery near a heat source. Excessive heat can damage the phone battery,the battery could become very hot. Always charge the battery at near room temperature(0°-45°). Do not disassemble or modify the battery for any other purpose. Do not expose the battery to liquid or subject to strong mechanical shocks. Do not charge the battery more than 24 hours.